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Lose the cotton, dude

Caught a colleague trying to fall off the sedentary bandwagon last week. There I was, waiting for a streetcar named Queen, and there he was, gasping and wheezing to a stop after a session in sneakers.

It was clearly early in a renewed effort to rekindle fitness levels of not too many yesterdays ago. But he was getting off on the wrong foot.

Got into work and fired off an e-mail. "Congrats on the effort," I suggested. "But lose the cotton shirt, dude."

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The trouble with hydration

Taking in enough fluids these days — especially when you exercise? Of course you are. You probably carry a bottle of water with you whenever you plan on elevating your heart rate. You can't pass a water fountain without taking a sip or two.

Well, you may be taking in too much.

Earlier this year, the American College of Sports Medicine released its revised guidelines on exercise and fluid replacement.

You have to be a scientist to figure them out.

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The great nor-easter of 2007

So Robert Cheruiyot and Rita Jeptoo were right. If there was going to be a problem with the 111th running of the Boston Marathon, it would be the wind. Cheruiyot took his third Boston title on Monday, April 16, in a time that was about six minutes slower than his winning time of last year.

On Saturday, both runners — both champions from last year — said rain and cold were easily dealt with, but wind would lead to slower times.

As it turned out, the storm of the century, the nor'easter they said would hit 24,000 runners with the worst conditions in recent memory, wasn't that bad.

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Wet enough for ya?

Well, the rain started at around eight this morning. Which isn't bad. The weather folks had predicted it would start coming down around 10 — so maybe a two-hour head start means that nor'easter might be through a little earlier than expected.

You can only hope.

There had been rumours floating about that the Boston Athletic Association would do the unheard of and cancel the 111th running of the Boston Marathon.

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Storm's a-brewin' in Boston

Ah, spring. The crocuses are coming up, the buds are ready to burst — and a nor'easter is mobilizing, preparing to race up the east coast.

Accu-weather said it could be one of those one-in-a-hundred-year storms. Damaging winds, heavy rain, and cold temperatures. And a ton of snow in some inland areas.

What better conditions under which to run the world's oldest continuous marathon. Boston.

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Kids today — good news, bad news

My father got me hooked on restaurant buffets way back when I was a scrawny kid. He'd take the whole family, usually on a holiday and always at a Montreal hotel. And every time he'd say how he didn't mind paying my bill because he always got his money's worth with the four or five helpings I'd put away.

Where did it all go?

Well, years later, when we'd visit him during the winter in Florida, it was pretty evident where all that buffet food went. On both of us.

That was long before I upped my physical activity levels a few notches. The older you get, the more you have to do to keep the weight off — if you choose to continue to pack away copious quantities of food.

It's not that way when you're a teenager.

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