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Battling the holiday bulge — with bacteria?

Those clothes of yours feeling a little tighter these days as you just can't resist the urge to nibble on those holiday goodies that someone always seems to leave lying around? Maybe you're already looking around for the best deals on fitness club memberships — so you can start working off those extra pounds at the gym on Jan. 2.

If you want to avoid the weight gain, you should've started working on burning off those extra calories already. A couple of preventative walks could've earned you a few guilt-free shortbread cookies.

It takes substantially more to work off your basic Christmas dinner — even a modest feast can add up to 4,000 calories or more pretty quickly. The average 155-pound person would have to walk 55 kilometres to work that off.

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Oh, the weather outside is frightful…

What a difference a week makes! The last Sunday in November, short sleeves and shorts were good enough for my morning 22K outing with the regular running group. Seven days later and winter — such as it is in southern Ontario lately — snuck past security and crashed the party. Slipped in under the cover of a few mild days.

Temperatures a little below freezing coupled with a bit of a breeze meant the high-cut shorts would give way to winter gear to protect me from the elements. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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