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Don't exercise 'angry'

I’ve always thought that exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress. But I’ve also believed it’s not a good idea to workout when you’re so angry you’re ready to blow a gasket.

Like after going through voice-mail hell trying to get a "customer service specialist" at a phone company to get rid of a charge that should never have appeared on your bill had the "service technician specialist" done the job right the first time, like you asked.

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Does this study make me look fat?

There's been a whack of studies over the past couple of months looking at the state of our waistlines — and our (mis)perceptions of them.

The only good news is most of us understand that obesity is a big problem that’s only getting bigger.

In Britain, a government study predicted that by 2010, nearly one in five girls between age two and 10 will be obese — and that a third of adult men will be, too. Right now, one in four British men is considered obese.

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Women — the efficient exercisers

Took in part of a major fitness convention across the street from CBC's Toronto headquarters today. Can-Fit-Pro was formed in 1993 as a national organization for Canadian fitness professionals.

The folks you paid your gym membership to are probably members. So are a lot of sports therapists and fitness instructors.

Never seen so many fit people under one roof. My old insecurities started creeping back as I half expected somebody to tap me on the shoulder to suggest that I might feel more at home lined up by one of the chip wagons in front of the building.

Had trouble deciding between taking in the Jump Rope Certification or the Power Eating III sessions. So — middle-aged guy that I am — I opted instead for something called Step-Tease, half-hoping that it would negate my need for a second jolt of early morning caffeine. It didn't.

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Maggie may

Think it's tough fitting a bit of exercise into your busy schedule? Maybe a little worried that you'll waste that $1,000 you've laid out to join a gym? Consider what the folks at the Alaska Zoo are up against.

They've invested $100,000 to modify a treadmill – for an elephant.

Maggie's 23 and was feeling down and getting a little thick around the middle in the nine years since her mate packed it in for pachyderm paradise. Her handlers decided she needed some exercise – especially during those long Alaskan winter months, when an African elephant may be a little reluctant to venture outside.

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Slave to the scale

Pssst. Wanna lose a few pounds? Slip into something a size or two smaller? Have I got a diet for you.

No, not one of those “eat a pound of butter and watch three pounds melt away” tabloid teases. A real honest to goodness drop a whack of weight in a day regime. Don’t even have to change what you eat. Not much, anyway.

All you have to do is lace on a pair of runners and go. And go. And go.

The proof is in the scales.

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