Hana's suitcase

On CBC-TV's Doc Zone

Thursday June 23, 2011 at 8 pm



Producer: Thomas Wallner

Executive Producer: Patrick Crowe, Keith Clarkson

Creative Director: Vincent Marcone

Creative Producers: Judi Handelman, Irene Vandertop

Technical Director: Tomasz Dysinski, Ian Wood

Animation / 3D Environments: Tomasz Dysinski

Programming: Bob Richter, Tomasz Dysinski

Design/Illustration: Vincent Marcone

Site content research and writing: Irene Vandertop, Judi Handelman, Paramita Nath, Lara Brady

Creative Consultant: Thomas Wallner

Production Managers: Natalie MacNeil,Ted Biggs

Sound Design: Janine White

Testing: Nathalie Kong

Consultants: Lara Brady, George Brady, Fumiko Ishioka, Larry Weinstein

Legal affairs: Jay Deakin

Production Secretary: Joey Unnold


Creative Directors: Judi Handelman, Irene Vandertop

Director: Larry Weinstein

Writer: Emil Sher

Story Editor: Thomas Wallner

Editor: Troy Young

Director of Photography: Horst Zeidler

Researcher: Paramita Nath

Business and legal affairs: Jay Deakin

Visual effects: Vincent Marcone, David Hedley

Special Effects: Tomasz Dysinski

Opening animation: Irene Vandertop

Narration: Kristina Nicoll, Ted Biggs, Damian Seguin

Voice casting: Edna Talent Management Ltd

Music composition: Paul Schrofel, Alex Pauk, Alexina Louie


Video Post:  Optix Digital Pictures

Editor:  Steve Lahey

Post Supervisor: Joseph Murnahan

Executive Producer: Stephenie Liberi

Colorist: Troy Young

Post Sound: Kitchen Sync

Re-recording Mixer: Chris Cobain

Sound Editor: Jakob Thiesen

Music Editors: Chris Cobain


Executive Producer: Micheal Claydon

Online Producer: Annette Bradford

Business Affairs: Heather Marshall


Inside Hana's Suitcase Online was nominated for an International Digital Emmy Award in 2010.

Based on the film "Inside Hana's Suitcase" by Rhombus Media
and inspired by the book "Hana's Suitcase" by Karen Levine