• Noah Laybolt
  • Gretel Kahn
  • Sonya Hartwig
  • Angelica Cooper

Noah Laybolt (St. John's), Gretel Kahn (Montreal), Sonya Hartwig (Vancouver), and Angelica Cooper (Toronto) are the 2019 Gzowski interns. During the last week of their internship, they produced a program called "Inside Climate Grief". The program offers a snapshot of the mental health effects of climate change.

2019 Interns


  • David Gonzalez
  • Rachel Wong
  • Joshua Skinner
  • Jennifer Yoon
  • Zara Syed
  • Seerat Rana

David Gonzalez (St. John's), Rachel Wong (Vancouver), Joshua Skinner (Toronto), Jennifer Yoon (Montreal), Zara Syed (Toronto) and Seerat Rana (Vancouver) are the 2018 Gzowski Interns. During the last week of their internship, they produced a podcast called, "Smashing The Green Ceiling." The program takes a look at the role women are playing in Canada's legal cannabis industry. Listen here.

2018 Interns


  • Emilie Quesnel
  • Kateryna Gordiychuk
  • Rebecca Nolan
  • Ashley Fraser

Emilie Quesnel (Toronto), Kateryna Gordiychuk (Montreal), Rebecca Nolan (St. John's) and Ashley Fraser (Vancouver) are this past year's Gzowski Interns. For the last week of their internship, they created a podcast that looks at stereotypes. The intent of the program is to shatter some of the stigmas surrounding some of society's most marginalized groups. The podcast is called Beyond The Labels. Take a listen.

2017 Interns


  • Cecilia MacArthur
  • MacKenzie Stannard
  • Laura Howells
  • Aiden McRae

Cecillia MacArthur (Montreal), Mackenzie Stannard (Vancouver), Laura Howells (St. John's) and Aiden McRae (Toronto) are this past year's Gzowski Interns. At the end of the summer they created a podcast called Grab The Wheel. It's about people making a decision to take control of their out of control lives. Enjoy.

2016 Interns


  • Ayesha Barmania
  • Andrew Sampson
  • Christine Coulter
  • Melissa Fundira

Ayesha Barmani (Toronto), Andrew Sampson (St. John's), Christine Coulter (Vancouver) and Melissa Fundira (Montreal) are this past year's Gzowski Interns. They got together at the end of the summer to create a podcast that looks at addiction through the lens of a couple of people who once were functional addicts. The program is called The Other Side. Take a listen.

2014 Interns

  • Tracy Elliott (Trent University)
  • Liam Britten (Simon Fraser University)
  • Sophie Blais (McGill University)
  • Alyson Samson (Memorial)

Tracy Elliott (Peterborough), Liam Britten (Vancouver), Sophie Blais (Montreal) and Alyson Samson (St. John's) are this year's Gzowski Interns. When they got together at the end of the summer to create an online radio program, they decided to take a look at an important part of Canada's musical landscape -- Hip Hop. Their program, entitled ''Found Hip Hop,'' takes you coast to coast to meet the people who make Canada's hip-hop communities happen, hear about the challenges they face and how they live their passion for music. Enjoy!

2014 Interns


  • Zankhna Mody (Trent University)
  • Andrea Sanchez (Simon Fraser University)
  • Emily Murphy (McGill University)
  • John Michael Bennett (Memorial)

In 2013, Zankhna Mody (Peterborough), Andrea Sanchez (Vancouver), Emily Murphy (Montreal) and John Michael Bennett (Newfoundland) were selected as Gzowski Interns. At the end of their internship they created an online radio program called Second Look. It's a program about how we sometimes need to take a second look at the place we call home before we can truly appreciate it. Enjoy.

2013 Interns - From left to right: Zankhna Mody, Emily Murphy and Andrea Sanchez (absent: John Michael Bennett).


  • Jenna Cameron (Trent University)
  • Jason D'Souza (Simon Fraser University)
  • Kalee Lins (McGill University)
  • Julie Skinner (Memorial)


  • Catherine Burgess (Memorial University)
  • Dana Holtby (McGill University)
  • Chris Chang-Yen Phillips (Trent University)
  • Grace Pickell (Simon Fraser University)


  • Andrea Blendl (Simon Fraser University)
  • Claire Caldwell (McGill University)
  • Chelsea Howard (Memorial University)
  • Jonathan Pinto (Trent University)


  • Selina Crammond (Simon Fraser University)
  • Hayley LaPalme (McGill University)
  • Ariel Sharratt (Trent University)
  • Samatha Smith (Memorial University)


  • Eva Boodman (McGill University)
  • Elaine Chau (Simon Fraser University)
  • Trevor Dunn (Trent University)
  • John Rieti (Memorial University)


  • Heiko Decosas (Simon Fraser University)
  • Anshuman Iddamsetty (Memorial University)
  • David Matthews (McGill University)
  • Lily Mills (Trent University)


"This experience was life-changing! It was amazing to see first-hand how a news floor is run, to meet people doing so many amazing things, and to get the opportunity to express my creative AND my analytical sides!"
- Sonya Hartwig

"My life would be completely different if this program didn't exist. I owe so much to the Gzowski internship, and it's one of the greatest opportunities an undergraduate student can find."
- Noah Laybolt

"Before this internship, I was lacking any knowledge of journalism, let alone radio production. Working at the CBC for the summer was like journalism bootcamp and a great introduction for anyone interested in getting into the field."
- Gretel Kahn