To honour Gzowski's memory, CBC Radio has created the CBC Radio Peter Gzowski Internship program for graduating university students in their final year in the following institutions: McGill University in Montreal, Memorial University in St. John's, Trent University in Peterborough, Simon Fraser University in Burnaby. The Internship is open to Canadian Citizens and landed immigrants.

The Gzowski interns will each receive a week of training in the basics of Radio Production at the Canadian Broadcasting Centre in Toronto. Each will spend the rest of the internship in a different location learning about the craft of making great radio. Interns will get first-hand experience in contributing to radio programming in a variety of ways.

Each Gzowski intern will receive a weekly salary and be compensated for all travel and accommodation related to training for the internship. Interns' travel and accommodation expenses will be paid to attend the training week in Toronto. Any other travel or accommodation expenses will not be covered.

We are looking for applicants who:

• Demonstrate a high degree of creativity
• Are curious about the world
• Are engaged in their communities
• Can imagine themselves one day working in public radio

Interns will be assigned to a specific CBC Radio centre according to the university through which they apply:

The intern from... will be assigned to...
McGill UniversityCBC Radio Montreal
Memorial UniversityCBC Radio St. John's
Trent UniversityCBC Radio Toronto
Simon Fraser UniversityCBC Radio Vancouver