Global Perspectives
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Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives aired on CBC Radio throughout the summer of 2012.

We're no longer on the air, but all episodes are still available on-demand in our blog posts.

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A Folk Storm is Brewing

northern gateway protest.jpgThe proposed Northern Gateway pipeline is a controversial project that has divided communities and provinces. Calgary-based Enbridge wants to build a pipeline that would take crude from the oil sands, across northern British Columbia, and on to the port of Kitimat. After recent oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico and in Michigan, people living along the pipeline route aren't so keen on the project. In this documentary, producer Karin Wells speaks with the people of Hartley Bay, BC, about how the project might change their First Nations community.

Originally produced for The Sunday Edition by Karin Wells (more photos).

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Black Broadway and Little Ethiopia

Black Broadway women dancing.jpgThis week, we visit a historically Black neighbourhood in Washington, DC. When Ethiopian businesses moved in, they caused some friction with African-Americans. But they also unearthed old alliances, from African-Americans fighting for Ethiopian independence in the 1930s, to surprising musical connections that can still be heard in local Ethiopian nightclubs.

Produced by Andrea Wenzel for WAMU.

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Backstage at the Opera

rthk.jpgCantonese Opera is a highly stylized art form that dates back perhaps eight hundred years and involves complex costumes, elaborate make-up and hair and formalized gestures. The story lines story lines are from Chinese history and legend along with a vocal style that has almost no common ground with the Western tradition. But the audience is aging, so now the emphasis is on creating a young audience comfortable with the conventions of Cantonese Opera.

Produced by Caroline Chan for Radio Television Hong Kong.

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It Wasn't Teatime

Ethel Stark edit.jpgIn the bad old days - and they weren't very long ago - women were barred from playing in professional orchestras. But back in 1940, the talented and daring Ethel Stark founded The Montreal Women's Symphony Orchestra, which eventually became the first-ever Canadian orchestra to play Carnegie Hall.

Produced by David Gutnick for CBC Radio's The Sunday Edition.

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