A state-of-the-art mine in Goderich, Ontario, is the entrance to what was once a vast, tropical sea that lay in the middle of North America, over four hundred million years ago during the Silurian period. As the continent shifted away from the equator the sea disappeared but the salty deposits on its bottom remained.

More than five hundred metres underground, towering salt pillars gleam inside the mine’s walls. Like a coded message, the white layers record periods of extreme heat and dark, cooler, wet weather. It’s a fascinating record of seasonal patterns that spans several hundred years. The same deposit is found deep below the city of Detroit, Michigan.

Today, that ancient salt is hauled to the surface and shipped all around the Great Lakes region.


  • The Sifto salt mine in Goderich, Ontario is the largest in the world. It extends five kilometres under Lake Huron.
  • A team that was originally drilling for oil in the area first struck rock salt in 1866. The rock salt, discovered more than 300 metres feet beneath Goderich Harbour, was the first recorded discovery of a salt bed in North America.

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