Deep in the wilderness of northern Québec, near Manicougan, a large meteor struck the earth 213 million years ago. The impact created a very large water reservoir, and today, one of the world’s largest hydroelectric dams is perched on the crater’s rim.

Geologists hope that rich ore deposits like those found on the Sudbury Basin are buried underneath. But this crater is younger, so if there’s any treasure to be found it’s likely to be much deeper underground.

Millions of dollars and many years have already been spent drilling core samples in search of the nickel deposits. The Manicougan has yet to reveal its secrets but geologists continue to look for clues.


  • The meteorite that struck Québec likely had a diameter of five kilometres and may have produced a mass extinction.
  • It created the fourth largest impact crater on earth which measures 138 by 104 kilometres.

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Meteorite: A natural object originating in outer space that survives an impact with the Earth’s surface without being destroyed. Core Samples: A cylindrical section of the earth consistent enough to hold a layered structure. The composition of these samples often provides a picture of climactic events through history.