The Atlantic Coast
Geologic Journey: The Atlantic Coast sweeps audiences up in the dramatic story of tectonic upheaval and how these forces pummeled and pounded eastern North America, until the shape we recognize today finally emerged. Along the way, viewers are invited to travel over a long-vanished ocean, forefather of the mighty Atlantic. We linger over thousands of fossils, whose discovery helped solve a problem that once baffled Darwin, and witness graphic proof of how North America and Africa were once bound together. Our journey takes us to Newfoundland, where we explore the Tablelands mountain range, before moving on to Nova Scotia and then to Morocco, to determine the link between mass extinction and the violent break-up of a super-continent.

At the heart of this fascinating story are volcanic outpourings, massive rifting of continents and ultimately, the bursting forth of a new, young ocean: the Atlantic.

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