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Canada's official record - and what it means to be Canadian - is reflected in our histories, dictionaries, thesauruses, atlases, and numerous other compendiums that fill our library shelves; sumptuous volumes that tell the story of who we are, where we came from, where we are, and where we may be going.

With Canada Rocks, we finally have a guide to our country's geologic history and achievements.

This book covers everything from the ice caps that draped North America until 12,000 years ago to the way geology affects our understanding of global warming.

Canada Rocks is a beautiful book filled with original full-colour photographs, charts, maps, and sketches. It also contains contemporary and classic Canadian art that captures the country's amazing geological features and terrain.

Canada Rocks was written by Andrew Maill and Nick Eyles, the technical advisor for the CBC-TV series, Geologic Journey and published by Fitzhenry & Whitside Limited.

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Nick Eyles

Nick Eyles holds a Ph.D and D.Sc. and is Professor of Geology at the University of Toronto. He has worked at the universities of Leicester, Newcastle upon Tyne and East Anglia in Great Britain, at Memorial University in Newfoundland and has been at Toronto since 1981 when he was awarded an NSERC University Research Fellowship.

He has authored more than 150 publications in leading scientific journals on ice age geology and environmental geology in urban areas and has conducted geological fieldwork from the Arctic to the Antarctic, including work on Ocean Drilling Program onboard the drill ship Resolution. Recent sabbaticals have been held in Brazil and Australia where he continues to work on unraveling why planet Earth experiences glaciations.

He is the author of the best selling Ontario Rocks (2002) and Canada Rocks: The Geologic Journey (co-authored with Andrew Miall) published in 2007.