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0730 Mark Rheaume from the CBC Music Library joined guest host Jill Dempsey. Mark's beat is highlighting new music from Ontario artists. And you can see who he featured in the June edition of Mark's Music by wandering over to Mark's column.

0800 Parenting columnist Samantha Kemp-Jackson dropped by to talk about parenting in a digital age. As she told Jill, it's a challenge that previous generations of parents didn't have to face...which makes it all the more challenging.
Listen audio (runs 10:10)
Check out Samantha's Multiple Mayhem Mama website for more parenting advice.

0830 Severe weather is occuring more often across Ontario. CANWARN is the "on the ground" eyes and ears of Environment Canada when it comes to spotting severe weather. It's comprised of volunteer weather watchers. Geoff Coulson, who's a Warning Preparedness Meteorologist at Environment Canada, helps run the programme. Naomi Moore is one of the volunteers. They talked with Jill.
Listen audio (runs 9:00)
For more information about becoming an Environment Canada weather spotter, you can visit the CANWARN website.
And the e-mail address that Geoff mentioned for ANYONE to report "severe weather" events is:
Please ONLY use this e-mail to report truly serious weather events.