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0730 When the musician is Jorge're talking serious flamenco. He went right to the source---Seville in Spain---to learn the intricacies of the music. And he's just released his latest album of flamenco rhythms. It's called "Guitarra Flamenca". And Jorge talked about his passion for the flamenco tradition with Jill.
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Jorge will play the next of his ongoing series of "launch" concerts at Lula Lounge in Toronto on June 19th---it will be flamenco with just a touch of jazz in honour of the Toronto Jazz Festival.
All the details are on Jorge's website.

0800 Retail marketing expert Doug Stephens came in to talk with Jill about the influence that "Big Data" is beginning to have on our lives. .
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Doug is also the author of a book called "The Retail Revival---Re-imagining Business for the New Age of Consumerism". It's published by Wiley.
Learn more about Doug at his Retail Prophet website.

0830 Landscape designer Carson Arthur joined Jill to talk about ways to maximize your property's liveability AND value. All it takes is some careful attention to your front and back yards.
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For more on this topic, visit Carson's website.