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SUNDAY March 10

0730 Zoe Sky Jordan has music in her genes. Her parents are musicians Amy Sky and Marc Jordan. But Zoe has a sound that's all her own. She joined guest host Karen Gordon to talk about her solo career and her work with her band, Petty Victories.
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Zoe will be on stage with Petty Victories on March 22nd at the HMV Store in Toronto.
On April 19-20 she'll be part of the Neil Young Tribute at Hugh's Room in Toronto.
You'll also find her at Hugh's Room on May 28 when she performs in the Discoveries showcase.
There's much more about her music at both Zoe's and the
Petty Victories' websites

0800 Colleen Carney is director of the Sleep and Depression Lab at Ryerson University. She joined Karen to talk about the many challenges faced by the growing number of people who suffer from sleep apnea.
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Learn more about Colleen's work at the Ryerson Sleep Lab
Colleen's also the co-author of a book called "Quiet Your Mind and Get To Sleep." It's published by Raincoast Books.
Learn more at the Raincoast website.

0830 CBC TV will show the biopic "Jack" tonight. It's the story of the late NDP leader Jack Layton. Rick Roberts---who plays Jack in the film---and its executive producer, Lazslo Barna, joined Karen to talk about the challenges of making a film about such a complex character.
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You can see "Jack" tonight (Sunday, March 10) on CBC Television.
You can view a preview oif the film right now by going to the
Jack website.