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SUNDAY February 17

0730 Cars are getting REALLY complicated. They're just packed with all kinds of electronic gizmos to make your drive safer and more comfortable. But are cars getting too "smart" for their own good? Mark Richardson is a good person to ask.
He's an automotive writer for The Toronto Star's Wheels section....and he joined Karen Gordon earlier this week as the Canadian International AutoShow was just getting underway in Toronto
Listen audio (runs 10:57)
Check out the Wheels website for more on the AutoShow and all-things automotive.

0800 The face of the traditional family in contemporary Canadian society is changing. It's something to think about as Ontario prepares to celebrate "Family Day". Nora Spinks from The Vanier Institute of the Family elaborated when she talked with Mary.
Listen audio (runs 11:37)
Learn more about Nora at the Vanier Institute website.

0830 Author and futurist Don Tapscott joined Mary to talk about the concept of "radical openess".
Listen audio (runs 14:15)
Don's new e-book on this topic is called "Radical Openness: Four Unexpected Principles for Success". You can learn more at Don's