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SATURDAY, December 15

0730 Sitar legend Ravi Shankar died earlier this week. Fresh Air's World Music columnist Reuben Maan dropped by to review Ravi's illustrious career. And you can hear Reuben's conversation with Mary Ito at his World Music column.

0800 T'is the season to share a glass of wine. Natalie MacLean is author of "Unquenchable---A Tipsy Quest for the World's Best Bargain Wines". She joined Mary with some wine suggestions and advice for the festive season.
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Here are Natalie's Top Three wine suggestions for the holidays:
1. Sparkler: Henry of Pelham Estate Winery Cuvee Catharine Brut Sparkling Rosé V.Q.A., Niagara, Ontario
2. White: Tawse Sketches Of Niagara Riesling V.Q.A., Niagara Peninsula, Ontario
3. Red: Le Clos Jordanne Village Reserve Pinot Noir V.Q.A., Niagara Peninsula, Ontario
For more wine info, check out Natalie's website.

0830 They're a "winning" couple. Ted Sargent of the University of Toronto has just been given the Steacie Prize which is awared each year to a person who's 40 or younger and who's made an outstanding contribution to research in Canada. And Ted's wife, Shana Kelly, who's also a U of To professor, won the award LAST year. They joined Mary to talk about the synchronicity of it all.
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Learn more about Ted winning the award at the U of T website.