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SUNDAY August 19

0730 Barbara Stewart is a chartered financial analyst with Cumberland Private Wealth Management in Toronto. She joined Mary to talk about her research into the sometimes uneasy relationship between women and their financial issues.
Listen audio (runs 11:28)
Learn more about her research at Barbara's website.

0800 You've seen the commercials. "We buy gold for cash!" Sounds like easy money. But what's the reality? Citizen Talin investigated and then shared her findings with Mary. Hear what she laerned by visiting Citizen Talin's column.

0830 Five years have elapsed between Liam Titcomb's last album and his new release, Cicada. Liam joined Mary to talk about how much the music industry changed during that half-decade.
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NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
Learn more about his music and where he'll be playing in the weeks and months to come at Liam's website.