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SUNDAY, February 12

0730 Stephen Leacock's Sunshine Sketches Of A Little Town is coming to television. And one of the actors in the CBC production is Jill Hennessy. She plays Leacock's mother in this unusual adapatation...which weaves Leacock's real life into those of his characters. Jill joined Mary to talk about what's in store.
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Sunshine Sketches Of A Little Town airs tonight (Feb 12) on CBC Televison at 8:00 p.m.
Get all the details at the CBC TV website.

0800 She was a slave who gained her freedom...and then brought more than seventy other slaves to Canada along the Underground Railroad. Her name was Harriet Trubman and she's the subject of a new book by Rosemary Sadlier. Rosemary joined Mary to talk about this remarkable woman,
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Harriet Tubman: Freedom Seeker, Freedom Leader is published by Dundurn Press.
Learn more about the book at the
Dundurn website.
Rosemary is also president of the Ontario Black History Society. You can find out more about its activities at the OBHS website

0830 Unjunk Your Junk Food is a new book that offers healthy alternatives to conventional snacks. Lisa Tsakos and Andrea Donsky---two of the three authors---joined Mary Ito to talk about what they learned when they "deconstructed" many of the most popular snacks and beverages.
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Unjunk Your Junk Food is published by Gallery Books and distributed in Canada by Simon and Schuster.
You can learn more about the book at the Simon and Schuster website.