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SUNDAY January 22

0730 The lunar new year begins on Monday, January 23. Arlene Chan is a Canadian of Chinese heritage. She joined Mary Ito to talk about the signifigance of The Year Of The Dragon.
Listen audio (runs 13:22)
Arlene is also an author---her most recent book is The Chinese in Toronto from 1878: From Outside to Inside the Circle.
Learn more at Arlene's website.

0800 Is the high cost of going to the movies getting you down? Help is on the way. And it comes from our consumer columnist. For details, visit
Citizen Talin's column.

0830 Take three chefs from three different countries...and put them in the same kitchen to prepare a special meal. The chefs are John Placko, Director of Culinary Excellence at Maple Leaf Foods in Mississauga ; Luke Hayes-Alexander of Luke's Gastronomy in Kingston, and Matt Kantor, co-founder of the Secret Pickle Dining Event and Little Kitchen catering company in Toronto. They're creating a tribute to Australian cuisine at The Cookbook Store in Toronto on Jan 24, 25 and 25.
Listen audio (runs 12:23) to their conversation with Mary.
Learn more about the three chefs at John's
Luke's and
Matt's websites.