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Columnists: February 2013 Archives

Health and Relationships

Dr. Mike joined Mary to talk about the importance of instigating and maintaining strong emotional relationships to your physical health and mental well-being.
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And check out Dr. Mike's website for more information on this and other health-related topics.

Mark's Music February 2013

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Artist: Kate Rogers Band
Album: Repeat, Repeat
Song: King George The Fourth
Website: Kate Rogers Band

Artist: Sarah Thackray
Album: Listen To The Kitten
Song: You're In Love
Website: Sarah Thackray

Artist: Russ Kelley
Album: Crazy Shades Of Blue
Song: I Got The Blues
Website: Russ Kelley


Mali's Music

World Music columnist Reuben Maan and guest host Karen Gordon discussed the impact of the current conflict in Mali on that African country's rich musical heritage.

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NOTE: Copyright restrictions prohibit inclusion of the music originally contained in this item.

Learn more about the impact of the civil unrest in Mali on its music and its musicians---including the transfer of Mali's annual Festival Au Desert to Burkina Faso---at the CBC Music .