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Columnists: July 2012 Archives

Before you leave on vacation...

There are some things to think about...and do. Some are obvious---such as stopping delivery of your newspaper. But there are others that may not immediately come to mind...unless you're Citizen Talin. Here's her conversation with Mary Ito:
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You can contact Talin with your consumer questions or concerns by e-mailing her at Citizen Talin .

Vitamins and health supplements

Dr. Mike joined Mary Ito to discuss the benefits---perceived and real---of vitamins and health supplements.
Listen audio (runs 15:03) to their conversation.

And check out Dr. Mike's website for more information on this and other health-related topics.

Sunfest 2012

London is playing host to a world of music this weekend (July 7-8). Sunfest attracts musicians from all over the globe. And Fresh Air's World Music columnist, Reuben Maan, is one of the guest MCs. He joined Mary to talk about this annual festival and to profile a few of the performers who he's especially excited to be introducing.
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Learn more at the Sunfest website.