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Columnists: June 2012 Archives

Mark's Music for July 2012

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Artist: Robyn Hayle
Album: So Much for Good Behaviour
Song: Through With Love
Website: Robyn Hale

Artist: Al Wood & The Woodsmen
Album: Right on Cue
Song: Final Blues
Website: Al Wood & The Woodsmen

Artist: Whitney Peterson
Album: With a Heart Intending Forward
Song: Apple Cider
Website: Whitney Peterson

Artist: Cedar Park
Album: Way Back Home
Song: What She Tells Me
Website: Cedar Park

Destressing Stress

Dr. Mike Evans tackles stress with his latest You Tube video. It's called "90:10", and it comes on the heels of his previous, award-winning video about exercise, "23 1/2 Hours". THAT video has already generated more than 3 million YouTube hits. Dr. Mike joined Mary to talk about stress and what you can do to best it.

Listen audio (runs 12:18) to Mike's conversation with Mary.

You can view "90:10" on Dr. Mike's YouTube channel.
And check out Dr. Mike's website for more information on this and other health-related topics.

AfroCubism Explained

And Reuben Maan is just the "man" to explain it. Fresh Air's world music columnist joined Mary Ito to talk about the superband that almost never-was. It all began with some of Mali's best musicians...and some of Cuba's. Mix in some passport issues...the Buena Vista Social Club...and a lot of intervening time...and AfroCubism is the result.
Listen audio (runs 6:27) as Reuben explains what happened.
NOTE: Music clearance restrictions prohibit inclusion of music originally contained in this item.
AfroCubism will play a rare concert in Toronto on June 12 as part of the Luminato Festival.
The details are available at the Luminato website