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Columnists: March 2012 Archives

Deal Of The Day

Citizen Talin gave Mary the lowdown on "deal of the day" websites.
Listen. audio (runs 8:17)

Frank London

Reuben Maan joined Mary to talk about Frank London---a New York City-based musician with a world vision.
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Learn more about this fascinating musician by visiting Frank London's website.
And to find out more about Frank's Toronto concert on March 28th at the St. Lawrence Centre, go to the Honeycomb Way website.

When Doctors Misdiagnose

It's not supposed to happen...but, sometimes, it does. Your doctor misdiagnoses your illness...with potentially catastrophic results. Dr. Mike Evans talked with Mary Ito about the causes of...and possible solutions to this problem.
Listen audio (runs 9:22)
And check out Dr. Mike's website for more information on this and other health-related topics.