TRUDY CLARKE grew up with a lot of responsibilities – helping her mother tend the house, looking after her four younger brothers, and contributing to the family’s income. As first-born to Jamaican immigrant parents, these weren’t responsibilities Trudy took lightly. However, she did sometimes chafe at them, if only because in her heart she knew she hadn’t yet found her place in the world. Blessed with a beautiful singing voice, a knack for performance and a razor-sharp mind, Trudy knew she could be more than just a housekeeper or a shop girl. Then she met Frankie Drake and soon, level-headed, practical Trudy was using her skills to help solve cases. Trudy’s performance abilities allow her to go undercover in all manner of roles making her an excellent detective. Even if her mother doesn’t completely approve, Trudy loves her job, and would do anything for Frankie.

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