Recipe: Spider Web Dip


Recipe: Spider Web Dip


2 cups sour cream
1 brick very soft cream cheese
⅓ cup jarred roasted red pepper, drained
sriracha (to taste and colour)
orange food colour paste (if desired)
black food colour paste


Combine cream cheese and sour cream in food processor until fluffy and smooth. Reserve 1 cup. Add peppers and hot sauce until bright orange hue is attained. Add orange food colouring if desired.

Add black food colouring to reserved cup until dark black colour is attained, transfer to squeeze bottle. Transfer orange mixture to round 6-8 inch serving vessel.

Draw 3 black concentric circles or a swirl on top of orange mixture. Drag a knife from centre of mixture to exterior. Repeat 4-5 times to create spider web look. Serve with nacho chips and veggies.

Nutritional Info.

approx. Per Serving