Recipe: Mummy Candy Apples


Recipe: Mummy Candy Apples

It’s hard to top a quintessential autumnal sweet like caramel-covered apples, but these festive mummified ones may just do it! Dipped in gooey melted chocolate and wrapped in bandages of fondant, these creepy candy apples are sure to quell all the sugary cravings that have been haunting you. They’re easy enough to make that you can get the kids in on the fun, too — they’ll love getting creative with all the undead details when decorating. Whip up a batch for an upcoming potluck, school dance or the treat table at your annual Halloween bash.


4 long candy sticks (approx 6 inches)
4 Gala apples, or other apples of the same shape
2 cups white chocolate wafers
1 pc purple chocolate wafer
1 pc blue chocolate wafer
Small amount of icing sugar for dusting
White Fondant, baseball size amount
Black Fondant, golf ball size amount


Melt all of the candy wafers in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave in 1 minute intervals until fully melted. Let cool 5 minutes before using; if the chocolate is too hot, it will not set properly.

Wash your apples and make sure they are extremely dry. Remove the stems and make a narrow ½ inch deep incision where the stem was with a paring knife. Use the end of a chopstick to widen the hole just enough to insert the candy sticks snugly. Keep the wrappers to cover the stick while dipping so your hands don’t get sticky. (Peel them off before serving.)

Dunk your apples into melted chocolate. Hold one apple over the bowl and let excess chocolate drip off. Place on a parchment-lined plate and let them dry and set. Repeat with remaining 3 apples.

Sprinkle icing sugar on your work surface and roll out the white fondant--reserving a small golf ball-sized amount, tot ¼ cm thick. Using a knife or pizza roller cut the the entire sheet into just less than ⅓ inch wide strips.

Once your apples have dried, start mummifying them! Starting at the stem and moving down, place your white fondant strips around the apple, overlapping as you would with bandages. Use small amounts of water to stick the fondant to the chocolate. When overlapping fondant mummy bandages, use water for glue as well. Continue wrapping until you are satisfied with the bandages. Be as creative as you like. Use the reserved white fondant and the black fondant to make eyes and eyebrows. For eyes, roll white fondant into the size of dimes and flatten slightly into ovals. For pupils, roll small balls of black fondant into the size of a pencil eraser. Use water to stick the black pupil to the white eyeball and then more water to stick the eye onto the mummy! Roll long, thin tubes of black fondant and get creative with your eyebrow expressions. Enjoy!

Servings: Makes 4 candy apples

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