Recipe: Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Cups


Recipe: Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Cups


1 cup chocolate hazelnut spread
2 cups 35% cream, whipped, divided
2 cups fresh berries (blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry)
8 amaretti cookies, crushed
1 tsp hazelnut extract
2 oz white chocolate, shaved


Whip 2 cups of whipped cream to firm peaks. Divide in half, set one half aside. Fold chocolate hazelnut spread into one half of whipped cream. If spread if hard, incorporate a small amount whipped cream to loosen, then fold into same half of whipped cream to make a simple mousse. Add hazelnut extract to second half of whipped cream. 

Layer into mason jars or decorative glasses from the bottom up, as follows.  Cookie crumbs, hazelnut whipped cream, berries, chocolate hazelnut mousse, berries, crumbs, shaved white chocolate.

Make the night before or serve right away. Store in an air tight container.

Servings: 6 servings

Nutritional Info.

approx. Per Serving