Recipe: Chocolate-Crusted Brownie Ice Cream Sundae


Recipe: Chocolate-Crusted Brownie Ice Cream Sundae

Indulging in an ice cream sundae doesn’t have to mean schilling out top dollars at the trendiest parlour in town thanks to these decadent, jam-packed brownie sundae cones. The first bite delivers a rich chocolate shell that covers a rich ice cream centre, all leading up to the grand finale: an oozing brownie core nestled in a warm waffle cone. Perfect for a kid’s birthday or an epic Friday night in!


6 sugar cones
6 waffle cones
Store-bought brownie mix
Store-bought fudge sauce
Ice cream, in desired flavour(s)
Whipped cream
1 package store-bought chocolate chips
2 tbsp coconut oil
Chocolate syrup
Sprinkles (optional)
Crushed peanuts (optional)
Maraschino cherries (optional)

Cupcake tray
Tin foil


Let’s assemble the base! Line the insides of your cupcake tray with tin foil. Place a sugar cone in each one, crumpling the foil up at the sides so as to keep the cone upright. Place a waffle cone inside each sugar cone.

Mix up your brownie batter, but leave it unbaked! Spoon dollops of the mix into each cone. Then grab your fudge sauce, and spoon an indulgent amount into each cone. Bake your brownie cones at 350 degrees F for 15 minutes.

Let your cones cool a bit, then scoop some ice cream in there – vanilla, cookies n’ cream, peanut butter, whatever is your favorite chocolate combo! Swirl some whipped cream on top and stick the whole thing in the freezer.

While the ice cream is chilling, add your coconut oil to the chocolate chips and melt it down in the microwave. When the frosting on the top of the ice cream is good and frozen, dip it gently into the melted chocolate. Let the chocolate set.

Add a dollop of chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and peanuts to the top. Gently add one last drop of frosting. For the coup de grace – add a cherry on top!

Servings: Makes 6 sundaes

Nutritional Info.

approx. Per Serving