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with Jane Adey

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The fall of the Canadian dollar affects all industries, including the fishery

We'll have the latest on ceta, Ottawa and rumblings out of the EU parliament.

The death of a young fishermen on the west coast is being mourned today

A storm surge wreaks havoc in Rose Blanche Harbour le Cou.

Warming oceans are expected to have a big impact on fisheries

We'll tell you about a huge fine handed out for halibut poaching on the south coast.

New genetics work done on salmon in Labrador

Jennifer Sheppard will be here to tell us about a major event being hosted in St. John's by the Wooden Boat Museum.

Frustration in the halibut fishery

Environmental groups in BC are opposed to changes proposed for pilotage in Placentia Bay. We'll find out what's got them sounding the alarm.

Keith Sullivan will explain what's going on with cod

About 5,000 tonnes of cod is still in the water on the south coast of Newfoundland and the season is running out. At the same time harvesters in other areas are begging for increased quotas for 2015.

Tonight on the Broadcast, the debate about the aquaculture industry

The decision makers and the people working in the industry, insist the investment is well worth it, even after a bit of a down year in 2014. Tonight we'll hear all sides of the growing debate around farming the sea.

There's a cod criris in the Gulf of Maine

Tonight an outspoken US fisherman and marine biologist explains how science may be under estimating cod stocks and what fisherman are facing as a result.

Some of the structures on the former Marystown plant site are about to be torn down

It's quite a departure from the plant's heady days as a premier groundfish processing facility. We'll talk about Marystown's past and its impact on the future.