Confessions From A Sugar Baby
They want something that generally wants to pay attention to them. And I feel that's what I spend most of my dates doing.
She’s Documented Violence All Over The World, But Domestic Abuse in Canada Shocked Her
"I always thought of Canada and home as a safe haven," says director Shelley Saywell. "But that idea was shattered when I realized that for thousands of women in our own country, home is the place where most violence occurs."
Don’t Believe The Hype: Canada Is Not a Nation of Cultural Tolerance
Imagine walking in your own skin, aware that in every room you enter, someone thinks of you as ‘lesser’.
Canadian Study Yields Surprising Insights About People Found Not Criminally Responsible of Crimes
The Trajectory Project looked at 1800 cases to find out what happened after offenders were released from psychiatric care.

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