Dr. James Cantor (PhD) is a clinical psychologist, research specialist, and today, is one of the world’s leading experts on pedophilia. His work is featured in the Firsthand documentary, I Pedophile. Originally from New York City, Dr. Cantor’s landmark studies on pedophiles began at Toronto's Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. In his research, Dr. Cantor detected traits specific to pedophiles such as differences in height, IQ, and left-handedness.

When he used magnetic neuro-imaging technology to look at their brains, he discovered a large difference in white matter — the brain’s connective tissue. The amalgamation of these specific abnormalities in pedophiles suggested to Dr. Cantor that pedophilia is established during the early developmental phases of a person’s life — implying that attraction to children is not a choice.

SCENE FROM THE FILM: Dr. Cantor talks about his research

Below is a list of published articles, seminars, and interviews that profile Dr. Cantor’s research on pedophilia:

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To look through Dr. James Cantor’s broader scope of research related to sexology but not necessarily pedophilia, you can access many of his other publications form his CAMH page.

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