Sugar Sisters co-director, Hannah Donegan, sits down to chat with a former sexless-escort, who is now in her sixties. ‘Mandy’ worked for a private agency run by a woman who kept a roster of young, educated women with interest in the arts and current affairs, who were willing to go on dates with rich, older (and often married) men. The agency had rules the working women had to follow – including a grooming code, dress code, conversation standards, and the strictest rule: no sex. Engaging in a sexual activity with a client would blacklist you from working for the agency.

“I was privy to a lot of things that I don’t think I would have been otherwise at that age.” ‘Mandy’ says of the experience, “It was an education of its own, being with people of that age, of that success caliber.”

After her time with the agency, ‘Mandy’ travelled the world as a successful performing artist. She credits her escorting job for the ease that she was able to talk with people of higher social calibre. “I think I had a lot more courage because of it.”

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