Sugar Sisters co-director Hannah Donegan heads out with a professional sugar baby, Sandy, to find out what it takes to sustain a sugar relationship. Sandy has four sugar daddies, who pay her thousands of dollars each month in cash and gifts. Men she has never met send her items off of her amazon wish-list after chatting with them online.

Sandy is an unlikely looking candidate for such a successful baby. “I have a different look than the bleach blonde, big boobed, designer wearing girl. I’m a short, tattooed, pierced looking goth girl,” says Sandy in reference to her dating tactic. “And I think men in suits, that’s what they don’t have and that’s where girls like myself come in.”

Today Sandy is getting her rent paid by her sugar daddies, who she names as “nice guy,” “sports guy,” and “the banker.” She’s going back to school to become a social worker, and she already has an offer from “the accountant” to cover her tuition. 

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