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Fly over the small rural town of Abbotsford, British Columbia, where an angry crowd gathers before an unkept home. Signs hoisted high say “Protect Our Children!” and “No Support for Pedophiles”.

James CantorDr. James Cantor

Kim Iverson leads an eerie demonstration. She’s a mother of two who cannot let her children play in the front yard without the lingering sensation that they are being watched. Today she confronts her nightmare, and uses a loud speaker to torment the convicted sex offender confined under house arrest. Inside his home, he wears an ankle bracelet that tracks his every move. To Kim, that is not enough. She’ll do whatever it takes to see three time offender James Conway relocated.

In the suburbs of Minnesota, we meet Bob Radke, an ex-U.S. marine from Minnesota who was jailed for possessing pictures of children pornography. And Edward Chambers, who had to change his identity after he decided to confide his secret to wrong person. Both men are pedophiles, but claim to have never touched a child. Still they live lives torn apart by public stigma, and for a good reason, have kept their heads low — until now.

Review from the Toronto Star: I, Pedophile dares to empathize

Demystifying the cause of pedophilia is charismatic expert Dr. James Cantor. Years of research and MRI scans have led Dr. Cantor to his groundbreaking yet controversial hypothesis that pedophilia is caused by a developmental disorder, resulting in a literal cross-wiring in the brain.

We follow Dr. Cantor to Germany, where Prevention Project Dunkelfeld (Dark Field) is the only facility in the world offering truly anonymous treatment for people attracted to children. Its founder, Dr. Klaus Michael Beier, reflects on the overwhelming turnout to the program, their expansion to multiple locations throughout Germany, and that, by Dunkelfeld’s estimates, one out of a hundred men are born pedophiles. Attending Dunkelfeld therapy sessions, a former school teacher named Anton walks out a changed man after learning to empathize with his victim, an 11-year-old girl.

SCENE FROM THE FILM: Recreation of a therapy session for pedophiles.

Enter the underground world of pedophiles, and the maverick doctors who fight on their behalf. Many of the characters appear as themselves, but due to the inherent danger of coming out as a pedophile, the film uses cinematic re-creations to illustrate the stories of key activists whose choose to stay hidden in the shadows.

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directed and edited by
Matthew Campea

written by
Matthew Campea
Robin Benger

produced by
Christopher Sumpton
Robin Benger

director of photography
Matthew Bennett

re-enactment producer
Gina Simone

production manager
Abi Rose Godfrey

Isabella Kempf

re-enactment cast
Abby Cowan Madryn McCabe
Paul Bryant Alex Wood
Kire Paputts Ron VanDerZwaag
Andrei Preda Richard Liliani
Joseph Iannicelli Nicola Saikali
Veronique Pelletier Dimitri Komocsi
Ethan Gilmour
Justin Moses Sid McMillan
Brian Hayden
Fiona Blake Green Kristen Keller
Emilio Ramirez Andres Jaramillo
Neil Bishop Nazer Kazmi
Derek Barber Stephen McNicholl
Dan Sanderson Michael Buchanan
Mike Sniezek Aidan Moreno
Eric Edquist Reece Presley
Matt Scherb Adam Vani
Violet Reid Jackson Phillips
Robbie Smith Randy Smith
Talia Roumeliotis Chloe Nash
Alyssa Standen Nikola Roumeliotis
Kevin Bishop Sarah Pietrkiewicz
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Connor Derry Aurélie Ruchonnet
Nina Gheysens Trevor Rines
Adrian Milan Sean Ballantyne

re-enactment production coordinator
Kelly Paoli

Ashley Hallihan
Sean Kaufmann

assistant directors
Thaddeus Eng
Alex Wong
Ryan McIntyre

assistant camera
Victoria Long

Dexter Calleja

Kyle McBride

hair and make up
Edel Bedard

production design
Nina Bozalo
Alex Sayapov

Katherine Woo

re-enactment producer’s assistant
Kerstin Bradler

Sam Hardy

stills photographer
Chris Van Deemter

stunt coordinator
Jonny Caines

visual research
Tanya Fleet

Isabella Kempf
Pamela Pearlman

colourist and graphic design
Matthew Bennett

digital effects/animation
Mark Alberts

music consultant
Grant Fonda

sound design supervisor and music editor
Daniel Pellerin

original sound design
James Mark Stewart

dialogue/voice over editor
Rob Hutchins

sfx editors
Matthew Bennett
Geoff Raffan

re-recording mixers
Daniel Pellerin
Bret Killoran

voice over recordings
Rob Seiko
Raheem Grant

production accounting
Krupesh Patel

legal services
Brian MacLeod Rogers

stock and archival material

for the CBC

director of production
Alexandra Lane

director of finance
Julie Lawlor

executive in charge of production
Charlotte Engel

executive director
Documentary Programming
Mark Starowicz

executive director
Unscripted Content
Jennifer Dettman

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