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Dave Greene and his sons on stageDave Greene (right) with Quinn (left) and Kane on stage

On the surface, the Greenes are a fun-loving family of performers. Dave Greene, the father, is an Elvis Tribute Artist. The mom, Roxie Greene, is a writer. Quinn Greene, the eldest son, is an actor, and his little brother Kane Greene is a beat-boxer. But underneath, they have a secret.

The Greenes are fighting an ongoing battle with mental illness. Dave is a hoarder. Kane suffers from anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Roxies long history with unipolar depressive disorder has taken its toll on her body, leaving her on the brink of collapse. Quinn, the family caretaker, sacrifices his own personal ambitions to help the others – particularly Kane, who can barely get out of bed, let alone hold down a job.  

How to Help Family and Friends Cope with Mental Illness
 Am Quinn Greene. I Am Mentally Ill

Quinn is ready to start talking and end the secrecy surrounding his family's mental health. He wants to share their story and start looking at real options for getting help for Kane, whose condition is getting desperate. And he wants to work towards a brighter future for all of them.  But the big question is, can Quinn convince the rest of his family to join him? 

FROM THE FILM: Kane describes his experience of depression

Being Greene is an intimate, emotionally charged portrait of a family struggling to break free from the clutches of mental illness. This is a film about love, life, legacy, and hope, as the Greene family embarks on a quest to build a better, happier future. 

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written & directed by
Jeff Newman

Jocelyn Mitchell

executive producer
Jeff Newman

director of photography
Tyler Funk

Randy Frykas

music by
Justin Small & Ohad Benchetrit

script editor
Andy Blicq

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Jocelyn Mitchell

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Colleen Alksnis

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Jeff Newman
Sam Karney
Andrew Forbes

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Casandra Brescacin

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Philippe Bellefeuille

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Kevin Bacon

post production accounting
Marlene Gurney
Colleen Alksnis

graphic design
Phi Images Inc.

online editor & colourist
Tony Wytinck

sound mixer, closed captioning
Bruce Little

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Paul Morrow
Bruce Little

descriptive video
Julie Hackett

assistant editors
Calvin Henrion
Matt Onischuk

Paul Popeski LLP

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Allen Fraser

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Amy Fritz

RoseAnna Schick RAS Creative

Pat Garry

interim financing by
Royal Bank of Canada

special thanks

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for the CBC

general manager, programming
Sally Catto

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Jennifer Dettman

Senior director, documentary
Sandra Kleinfeld

executive in charge of production
Charlotte Engel

director of production, unscripted content
Alexandra Lane

director of finance, unscripted content
Julie Lawlor


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