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Nov 30, 2020 Bitter Harvest: The story of the pandemic and the people who pick our food

Tens of thousands of migrant farm workers come to Canada each year to grow and pick our fruits and vegetables, but the coronavirus pandemic exposed issues with an outdated program that leave workers vulnerable. Watch what it’s like to work in Canadian fields on Monday at 9 p.m. on CBC-TV and Gem.

Dec 7, 2020 The smartest guy in the room: Cameron Ortis and the RCMP secrets scandal

Cameron Ortis was the RCMP’s top intelligence officer. He has now been charged with revealing Canadian secrets to unauthorized people and plotting to leak more. We expose a backstory few people know about — from a Mexican drug cartel and Australian biker gangs to gambling, money laundering and encrypted cellphones. Watch our investigation Monday at 9 p.m. on CBC-TV and Gem.


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Sep 22, 2019 The Fifth Estate returns Sunday, September 22

Our journalists are working to bring you new investigations and original storytelling as we gear up to launch Season 45 of The Fifth Estate. Be sure to tune in for our season premiere on Sunday, September 22.


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Oct 14, 2018 Unbuckled: School Bus Safety

Why are there are no seat belts on school buses? The Fifth Estate asked that question and discovered a flawed Transport Canada report which argued against seat belts— a policy which studies show has led to injuries and deaths that might have been prevented. Bob McKeown investigates.

Oct 14, 2018 Finding Jennifer

Many in a small town in northern Newfoundland are trying to solve a mystery: What happened to Jennifer Hillier-Penney? She disappeared without a trace almost two years ago from her estranged husband's home in St. Anthony. There have been no named suspects, no arrests and no answers. Her friends and family feel police didn't treat her disappearance seriously enough, so they keep searching -- desperate to find Jennifer and find closure. And without answers, many in town have begun to turn their sights inward -- thinking someone knows something. Mark Kelley investigates.


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Sep 15, 2017 Murder in Cottage Country

It's a dark tale of people vanishing, mystery, and suspicion of murder in Ontario’s cottage country. In a joint investigation with The Walrus magazine, The Fifth Estate uncovers long-secret police documents and new details about four people who went missing two decades ago, the suspects police had in their sights and clues to what may have happened.

Sep 22, 2017 Pit Bulls Unleashed: Should They Be Banned?

It’s a fact that pit bulls, with their powerful jaws, can kill and maim. Google ‘pit bull attacks’ if you dare. But are pit bulls born bad or do humans make them that way? Mark Kelley speaks to leading advocates for pit bulls, families of pit bull attack victims, shelter workers and doctors as he probes the sometimes disturbing debate over what to do about the pit bull.


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Sep 23, 2016 The Torture Files

The story of three Canadians who were tortured in Syria with the complicity of Canada’s national police and intelligence agencies – and the shocking revelations from never-before-seen secret government files. A special investigation by the fifth estate and The National, hosted by Terence McKenna.

Watch Terence McKenna's report on The National on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and Friday night at 11:30 PM on the fifth estate. The Torture Files also airs Sunday at 7 PM ET on CBC News Network. the fifth estate returns with more new episodes starting October 21st.

Oct 21, 2016 E-Cigarettes : Welcome Back, Big Tobacco

Big Tobacco is trying clean up its image, moving into the booming e-cigarette business while continuing to peddle the deadly tobacco products. Mark Kelley investigates

the fifth estate launches its new fall season on Friday October 21st at 9 PM on CBC Television.


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Oct 30, 2015 Canada in Iraq : The Hidden War

One of the largest decisions weighing on the shoulders of prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau is what role, if any, should Canada play in the war against ISIS. And how will Canadians know whether their efforts are having the intended results? Do we really know what our troops are doing in Iraq? Do we even know whether Coalition airstrikes are hitting intended targets?Bob Mckeown reports from the front lines of Canada's war in Iraq and Syria.

Nov 6, 2015 The Fire Within: The Secret Battles of Female Firefighters

Theirs is a reputation forged in fire -- built on bravery, dedication and danger. But privately, there’s a dark side; a burning secret inside so many fire halls across the country. Female firefighters who spoke to the fifth estate say they are being bullied and harassed on the job. Despite this they keep fighting, and across the country young women are signing up to become firefighters, driven by the fire within.


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Oct 24, 2014 Ottawa Shooting - The Fear Within

On a special commercial-free edition of the fifth estate The Fear Within, a special investigation into Wednesday's attack in Ottawa and the wider events behind it.

Oct 31, 2014 GM Recall : The Switch From Hell

It was a deadly defect in an ignition switch that led to the recall of millions of GM cars like the Cobalt and the Ion and the confirmed deaths of almost 30 drivers, with close to 200 more being investigated. Bob McKeown investigates what and when did GM and Transport Canada know about the problem -- and reveals startlingly new information about fatal crashes in Canada.


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Oct 4, 2013 The Secrets of Sugar

What tastes so sweet can also make you sick. Inside the science of Sugar.

Oct 11, 2013 Made in Bangladesh

Mark Kelley went to Bangladesh after the disaster and tracked down the garment workers who said they were still forced to make clothes in dangerous conditions for Canadian companies. the fifth estate has won a 2014 International Emmy® Award for our investigation into the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh.


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Sep 12, 2012 Into the Death Zone

the fifth estate goes to the top of the world to tell the heartbreaking story of two young Canadian women who met on the climb to the summit of Everest. One would never make it home.

Sep 28, 2012 Runaway Fighter

Exclusive new revelations about the troubled F-35 program.


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Sep 16, 2011 Swissair 111: The Untold Story

Years later, the crash of Swissair 111 in 1998 remains one of Canada's greatest tragedies. Now new disturbing information from an insider who suspected it might have been murder, raising questions about the official cause of the disaster.

Sep 30, 2011 Mayday

the fifth estate investigates Canada's troubled Search and Rescue fleet and hears from the survivors who lived to tell, and the insiders who tried to save what was once a organization admired around the world.


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Sep 24, 2010 Above Suspicion

In exclusive interviews with those who know him best, host Bob McKeown reveals, in intricate detail, the story of Colonel Russell Williams — career military man, respected community leader, husband and, now, accused murderer.

Oct 1, 2010 Betrayal

Betrayal tells the story of childhood abuse victims in Nova Scotia, who continued to feel profound hurt and damage as adults. Searching for restitution for their suffering some launched or joined in lawsuits against the Catholic Church.


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Sep 25, 2009 Riding on Risk

Disturbing allegations about our safety in the air. How well is our government protecting our safety and security?

Oct 2, 2009 The Education of Brian Nicholl

Canadians are being told that the recession is ending. But, across the country, for the unemployed, or those about to become unemployed, recovery seems far away. Learning lessons about the economic downturn, the hard way.

40 Years of the fifth estate

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Sep 12, 2012 Into the Death Zone

the fifth estate goes to the top of the world to tell the heartbreaking story of two young Canadian women who met on the climb to the summit of Everest. One would never make it home.

Oct 4, 2013 The Secrets of Sugar

What tastes so sweet can also make you sick. Inside the science of Sugar.

True Crime Canada

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Jul 6, 2014 Inside the Luka Magnotta Case

Inside the international and internet man-hunt that led to the arrest of accused killer Luka Magnotta.

Jul 20, 2014 Inside the Ratte Family Case

Unravelling theories about the unsolved disappearance of Wendy Ratte, and accusations about who may have murdered her.

the fifth estate at the Olympics

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Nov 7, 2007 Downhill Racer

For the 2014 Sochi Olympics, we dug into our archives to bring you some of our best shows on the Olympics, winter sports, and the human drama and political controversy that so often surround them. In the 2008 episode ‘Downhill Racer’, the fifth estate’s Bob McKeown spent time with Dave Irwin, a downhill skier once renowned for his daredevil style, who was struggling to recover from a crash that left him with a serious brain injury.

Mar 3, 1981 Podborski

Steve Podborski - now the chef de mission for the Canadian team at the Sochi Olympic Games - was on a winning streak when the fifth estate`s reporter Ian Parker profiled the young downhill skier in 1981.

From the Archives

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Sep 18, 1979 Powder Keg

In 1979 fifth estate host Ian Parker reported on the controversial Canadian practice of exposing mine workers to aluminum dust filtered directly into their locker room.

Oct 6, 1992 Crimes Against Humanity

After over 20 years the brutal dictatorship of Siad Barre in Somalia ended in 1991, engulfing the country in civil war and famine. Many Somalis fled their homes and thousands of refugees came to Canada. Most had legitimate refugee claims, but some had been accused of war crimes back in Somalia.

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