Warner Troyer

Troyer was born in 1932 Cochrane, Ontario and lost his leg at a very young age.

His career began as an overnight DJ in Saskatchewan. He then worked at the Winnipeg Free Press and was featured on the CBC show This Hour Has Seven Days.

Troyer co-hosted the first season of The Fifth Estate alongside Adrienne Clarkson. He later became executive producer and co-host of CTV’s W5 and also produced documentaries for TVO.

Troyer went on to write four books; one about Northern Ontario mercury poisoning called “No Safe Place”; “200 Days” about Joe Clark; “The Sound and the Fury: An anecdotal history of Canadian Broadcast” in 1982, and “Preserving our World: A consumer’s guide to the Brundtland Report” in 1990.

Warner Troyer — who was married three times and has eight children, established a journalism school in Sri Lanka with his third wife, Glenys Moss.

He died of throat cancer in Toronto at age 59 in 1991.