The Last Race

Troubling new revelations about the high speed crash that killed Canadian World Cup ski cross star Nik Zoricic and the dangers faced by top athletes who push the limit on risky and extreme competitive courses.

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Into the Death Zone

the fifth estate goes to the top of the world to tell the heartbreaking story of two young Canadian women who met on the climb to the summit of Everest. One would never make it home.

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Fast Break

Canadian kids and their parents risk everything to chase NBA dreams. Bob McKeown reveals the huge money -- and the scams -- at play for those trying to break into pro basketball.

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For the 2014 Sochi Olympics, we dug into our archives to bring you some of our best shows on the Olympics, winter sports, and the human drama and political controversy that so often surround them. From 2012, a look at the life and death of freeskier Sarah Burke and other top athletes who risk life and limb to compete in high performance sport.

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The Legacy of Brendan Burke

Brendan Burke was a remarkable young man. Growing up in a hockey family, with a sports icon as a father, he was probably destined to make his mark in hockey. And he did, but in a way few could have predicted. He decided to tell the world he was gay — a courageous move in a sport where no player, current or former, has ever come out. Brendan Burke's life was tragically cut short, but his legacy lives on.

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The Code

Hockey's unwritten law of fighting and the men who live by it.

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