Small Town Shakedown

We went looking for the worst case of small town corruption, and found one - south of the border, in Dixon, Illinois.

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The Long Way Home

Mark Kelley follows up on a viewer’s request to investigate the mysterious death of a young blind woman Holly Bartlett, in Halifax, and learns that a key witness in the police investigation has changed his story.

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Walk the Line

In ‘Walk the Line’, Mark Kelley has the astonishing story of former Montreal police investigator Benoit Roberge, once known for putting bikers behind bars, but now accused of selling police information to the Hells Angels - and insight from other officers who have walked that thin line between cop and criminal. A joint investigation by Radio-Canada's Enquête and the fifth estate.

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The Man Who Hears Voices

The federal government has made it a priority: to toughen laws that allow people who commit violent acts to be found ‘not criminally responsible’ due to mental illness. The question: Is it for reasons of public safety or public opinion? In “The Man Who Hears Voices”, Bob McKeown interviews Jeffrey Arenburg, who speaks out for the first time since he was found not criminally responsible for killing a popular Ottawa sportscaster.

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The Last Great Escape

The Last Great Escape is the story of two courageous individuals who fled a life of privation and fear in North Korea and survived to tell the tale. Their stories come to life in special animation designed for the fifth estate.

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The Sextortion of Amanda Todd

With never-before-seen videos and online chats, the fifth estate tells the real story of what happened to Amanda Todd, the B.C. teen haunted by one revealing photo on the Internet. The blackmail and the sexual extortion that drove her to her death - and the new breed of online predators who threaten other young people online.

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The Rob Ford Story

Crack cocaine. Alcohol. Friends who have criminal backgrounds. Just over a year ago, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford stood next to Police Chief Bill Blair promising to fight gang crime. Now the two most powerful men in Canada's largest city are locked in a struggle only one is likely to survive. Gillian Findlay has more on the man who has become the world's most controversial mayor - and the real story behind that first notorious video.

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The Strange World of Julian Assange

The controversial WikiLeaks founder gets the Hollywood treatment in the new movie 'The Fifth Estate' but the real fifth estate on CBC-TV tracks the inside story of the man in his own words

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Mission Improbable

Cyndy Vanier thought she'd hit the big time in business when she signed up with SNC-Lavalin for a high risk mission working undercover in Libya. Linden MacIntyre investigates how a billion dollars worth of business with a dictator and a mysterious plot landed Vanier in a prison.

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The Vanishing

A daughter's twelve-year quest to solve her mother's mysterious disappearance uncovers the dark secrets of a close-knit family.

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The Unrepentant

Linden MacIntyre stares down some of Canada's most frightening criminals. They are dangerous, disordered personalities whose lack of guilt and shame makes them both fascinating and horrifying.

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Whistleblowers: Moment of Truth

the fifth estate catches up with some of its more memorable informants. We find that the life of a whistleblower can take twists and turns no one ever expected.

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The Widow’s Web

New developments in a story the fifth estate first told you about in 2005 about a self-made widow -- Melissa Friedrich, now Millie Weeks -- who's been arrested in Nova Scotia after the suspicious sudden illness of another husband.

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The Lost Boys

The new chapter in the explosive allegations against Scouts Canada. Are they ready to share what they know with the police?

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The House of Shafia

How the four women found murdered in a Kingston canal lived as virtual prisoners in their own home. Gillian Findlay reports.

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The Lies People Tell

They are pathetic, weird and sometimes dangerous; 'the fifth estate' searches for the truth behind the lies told by some of Canada's most memorable and imaginative con artists.

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Escape from Justice

A new chapter in the murder of Jassi Sidhu, with startling revelations about those who planned and paid for the killing, and how the murderers got away.

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A Cold Case

The chilling final chapter in the fifth estate's investigation into the true life mystery of how a Canadian hockey player, missing for fourteen years, ended up frozen in a glacier crevasse in Austria.

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Murder, he wrote

An aspiring filmmaker working on an all too convincing screenplay about murder, turns fiction into fact by killing for real.

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