Return to Paradise

When two Quebec sisters turned up dead in a Thailand hotel in 2012, authorities suggested everything from drugs to food poisoning. But an updated investigation by the fifth estate's Mark Kelley points to new evidence that a highly toxic pesticide used to control bedbugs in some hotels in Asia may have caused their deaths.

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The Silkwood Syndrome

1979 report on the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of Karen Silkwood, who was killed in a car accident while on her way to meet a New York Times reporter to whom she was to give evidence that Kerr-McGee, an Oklahoma uranium processor and the company she worked for, was violating nuclear safety standards.

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Death in Paradise

A distraught family searches for the truth behind the mystery of what happened to two sisters from Quebec on the vacation of a lifetime in Thailand and other tourists who've met with sudden and unexplained death.

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Costa Concordia: The Captain’s Tale

As the biggest salvage operation in modern history gets underway, Bob McKeown revisits the cruise liner disaster with the revealing exclusive first in-depth interview with Captain Francesco Schettino and some surprising new twists in the stories of passengers who narrowly escaped the sinking ship.

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Lost On The Ice

Tune in March 6th at 9 PM for a special encore presentation of Lost On The Ice.
In late February, a Labrador teenager died after he walked away from his remote village and got lost on the ice. His death was a powerful reminder of 14-year-old Burton Winters, who got lost in a blinding blizzard but might have been saved if Search and Rescue had sent a military helicopter

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Time Bomb

The OxyContin epidemic: a pill that promises temporary relief has cost many Canadians a lifetime of addiction. the fifth estate investigates one of the most successful marketing campaigns in pharmaceutical history.

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The Wreck of the Costa Concordia

A minute-by-minute reconstruction of the Italian cruise ship disaster, with first-hand accounts from the survivors and the rescuers, along with the stories of those who perished.

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Holiday Hell

Each year millions of Canadians set off on what they hope will be the vacation of a lifetime. But what happens when things go wrong, and that fantasy trip turns into the holiday from hell?

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the fifth estate investigates Canada's troubled Search and Rescue fleet and hears from the survivors who lived to tell, and the insiders who tried to save what was once a organization admired around the world.

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Swissair 111: The Untold Story

Years later, the crash of Swissair 111 in 1998 remains one of Canada's greatest tragedies. Now new disturbing information from an insider who suspected it might have been murder, raising questions about the official cause of the disaster.

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Discovering the truth about those who have been lost.

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Presumed Dead

Were they murdered? Abducted? Or are they living new lives... PRESUMED DEAD tracks the trails of three Canadians who disappeared without a trace.

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The Code

Hockey's unwritten law of fighting and the men who live by it.

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Riding on Risk

Disturbing allegations about our safety in the air. How well is our government protecting our safety and security?

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