BROADCAST DATE : Mar 4, 2021

Treatment or torture | No more tears: The Essure legacy

What happens when you allow mentally ill prisoners to treat other mentally ill prisoners? That was an experiment that unfolded in the 60s and 70s at the Oak Ridge Psychiatric Unit in Penetanguishene, Ontario.  Mentally ill prisoners, some of them psychotic, not only served as therapists to other prisoners but had the power to prescribe mind-altering medications as well.  And if that wasn’t controversial enough, some of those prisoners were sent to a nearby psychiatric hospital  to serve as therapists to mentally ill women. The Fifth Estate has obtained new documents and interviews in this bizarre story, as well as never-before-seen video of the doctor behind these controversial treatments. Bob McKeown hosts "Treatment or torture" In our second story, "No more tears: The Essure legacy," Vik Adhopia shows how Canadian women continue to fight for justice after having endured medical complications from Essure, which was marketed as a permanent birth control device. This episode aired on CBC Television on March 4.