BROADCAST DATE : Nov 3, 2019

Muskoka murders: Closing in on the killers

There are new developments in the cold case that has shocked and captivated Canadians. The Muskoka murder mystery (The Fifth Estate) and The Cat Lady Case Podcast (CBC Uncover) told of the disappearance and presumed killing of 77-year-old Joan Lawrence and three other senior citizens in Ontario cottage country more than 20 years ago. The lead police investigator sits down with The Fifth Estate for the first time, talking about developments in the case in a special episode updating the investigation. Police spent years searching for bodies, clues and answers but none of the four missing people has been seen since, none of their bodies were ever found and no one has been held accountable for their disappearance. The Fifth Estate has reported on police documents describing the theory that Lawrence was killed to prevent her from reporting theft and fraud related to the so-called retirement properties where she was living. Police say in all, 16 people living on the properties had money stolen.