BROADCAST DATE : Mar 16, 2018

Russian Spies in Canada : A Tale of Two Traitors

Spies, double agents, attempted poisonings. As the diplomatic furor continues to erupt in the UK over the targeting of a Russian double agent and his daughter, it brings back memories of the Cold War.

Canada had its own history of Cold War secrets and betrayal. And in this special YouTube feature,  we revisit what happened to a Russian double agent from Canada after our cameras went away.

Few of our updates have been more surprising. It's a story the fifth estate first covered in 1982 in the depths of the Cold War -- a KGB agent, code named Gideon, had got into Canada to spy for the Soviet Union.  Then he turned sides and started working for the Canadian security services.

In a twist, we was betrayed to the Russians by an RCMP officer who sold out his country for a few thousand dollars. Gideon was sent back to Russia and presumed dead.

But there was another twist to the story that no one saw coming.