BROADCAST DATE : Mar 18, 2016

In Their Own Words

Landon’s Story

Landon Webb still remembers the banging, screaming, and fighting inside the halls of one of Nova Scotia's six institutions for mentally and physically disabled people. It got so bad, he says, he had to run away.

Landon Webb is 25 years old, but his parents say he has the mental capacity of 12-year-old and needs to be protected. Six years ago his parents got guardianship over Landon under Nova Scotia's  Incompetent Persons Act.  It meant among other things that Landon lost the right to lease an apartment, to vote, or even to get a library card.

Webb, who was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, and obsessive compulsive disorder, is taking on the government and his parents to regain control over his life.  With the help of a lawyer, Landon is challenging the Nova Scotia law – and that has sparked others to speak out about their struggles to live on their own.

Parents and their children tell their story of pain, hardship and love, in their own words.

Homicide 24

In May 2007, a wealthy environmental philanthropist Glen Davis was gunned down in an underground parking garage, becoming “Homicide 24” that year in Toronto. But for the detective involved in the investigation, Peter Moreira, the murder of would become so much more than just a number.

As the investigation took off, the hunt for the murderer and the motive became more and more difficult. The more police learned about the reclusive millionaire, the more impressive he seemed to be – and the motive for murder seemed hard to fathom. His donations to the World Wildlife Fund totalled in the millions, he championed worthy causes like sustainability and sport, and was known for taking people under his wing.

Without any leads, police appealed to the public. They released security footage of a suspect entering and leaving the parking garage. They interviewed over a hundred people, but to no avail. Without any breakthroughs, the case went cold for 18 months.

But then, a turning point — a confession, one that stunned investigators. As the true story began to unravel, a lurid tale of family, money and resentment emerged. Through wiretap evidence, careful surveillance, applied psychology and sheer determination, investigators inched closer to the truth, finally solving the mystery of “Homicide 24.”