BROADCAST DATE : Nov 27, 2015

Aftermath: How Paris Changed the World

A special fifth estate investigation – with teams across the globe: Gillian Findlay in Turkey, Mark Kelley in France and Adrienne Arsenault in Belgium.

Adrienne Arsenault investigates why so many of the Paris attackers -- and many others who carried out earlier terror attacks in Europe --  come from one neighbourhood in Belgium: she looks at what the people in the community think and why authorities seem so incapable of finding and stopping the culprits.

Gillian Findlay reports from Istanbul that the family of Alan Kurdi, the Syrian 'boy on the beach,' is coming to Canada. The photo of his tiny, soaked sneakers and red T-shirt embedded in the sand sparked international outrage and promises of change for refugees. Now several members of the Kurdi family are now on fast track to resettle in Canada.

Mark Kelley looks at the battle for the soul of France - he visits "the Jungle" - the sprawling refugee camp of 6000 in Calais and talks with Marine LePen, the controversial far right leader who is whipping up a campaign of fear against Muslims in the wake of the Paris attacks.