Oct 30, 2015 Canada in Iraq : The Hidden War

One of the largest decisions weighing on the shoulders of prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau is what role, if any, should Canada play in the war against ISIS. And how will Canadians know whether their efforts are having the intended results? Do we really know what our troops are doing in Iraq? Do we even know whether Coalition airstrikes are hitting intended targets?Bob Mckeown reports from the front lines of Canada's war in Iraq and Syria.

Nov 6, 2015 The Fire Within: The Secret Battles of Female Firefighters

Theirs is a reputation forged in fire -- built on bravery, dedication and danger. But privately, there’s a dark side; a burning secret inside so many fire halls across the country. Female firefighters who spoke to the fifth estate say they are being bullied and harassed on the job. Despite this they keep fighting, and across the country young women are signing up to become firefighters, driven by the fire within.