BROADCAST DATE : Feb 6, 2015

Saving David Waines

He was considered one of the most courageous aid workers in Africa today. Vancouver missionary David Waines spent decades saving lives and protecting children in the small war-torn country of Liberia. He played an important role in getting the government to enforce a new tougher law on child rape– even investigating cases and in some cases taking part in the arrest of suspects.

But then, in a stunning development, Waines himself was charged with sexually assaulting a young girl, an accusation he strenuously denies. Jailed in a dangerous prison, then treated in a hospital at the peak of the Ebola crisis, Waines feared for his life. He and his supporters say he is the victim of a corrupt justice system and enemies bent on revenge.  Liberian authorities want to prosecute him for what they allege are serious crimes. Bob Mckeown investigates the controversy around David Waines.