BROADCAST DATE : Nov 7, 2014

Finding Emma

26-year-old Emma Fillipoff disappears from the streets of Victoria in 2012 and has never been seen since. Was it murder, suicide -- or did she want to hide? In “Finding Emma” host Mark Kelley follows a mother’s determined journey to look for her daughter – and looks at how hard it is to find many of 60,000 people who are reported missing every year in Canada. 

Using exclusive surveillance footage taken only hours before she disappeared, the fifth estate speaks to police, friends and family to piece together the story of Emma Fillipoff. With the family’s blessing, the fifth estate shares excerpts of Emma’s hard drive – thousands of pages of diary entries, poems and messages – to a special team of five expert criminal investigators, including an active homicide police officer, a forensic psychologist and a criminologist who pore over the evidence.

Since May the fifth estate also launched a social media “Finding Emma” campaign of Twitter and Facebook and on national television – and in this week’s program, Kelley tracks down many of the tantalizing clues.