BROADCAST DATE : Feb 22, 2013

The Unrepentant

They are marked by their ability to kill without passion and without remorse. Some are called psychopaths - a term that evokes nightmare images of murderers and monsters. But the label can also apply to men and women who are successful, intelligent, charismatic, charming and amusing - and so all the more dangerous. This week on the fifth estate, Linden MacIntyre looks at what makes a psychopath through the fifth estate's close encounters with of four of Canada's most frightening criminals.

the fifth estate begins with "Lightning" Lee, a former kick-boxer who brutally victimized women and children who was described as a "textbook psychopath." The other criminals MacIntyre takes on didn't outwardly seem to be the type - the respected commander of an air force base, Russell Williams; and Karla Homolka, who convinced police and a psychiatrist she was a victim, even though she helped her husband assault and kill young girls, including her own younger sister. Finally, MacIntyre revisits the harrowing story of two teenaged friends who conspired to murder one of their families and were caught in a controversial RCMP sting. They are all disordered personalities, whose lack of empathy and shame inspires both fear and fascination.