BROADCAST DATE : Mar 8, 2013

Second Wave

Two years ago, thousands of lives were lost and the landscape of Japan was changed forever by a tsunami that saw more than five million tonnes of debris swallowed up by the ocean. Now, the fifth estate's Mark Kelley reports on the Second Wave of the tsunami headed for Canadian shores, and a remarkable human drama that links our country with Japan.

At 2:46 p.m. on March 11, 2011 a devastating earthquake triggered a massive and deadly tsunami killing close to 20,000 people. As we approach the tsunami's two-year anniversary, the fifth estate's Mark Kelley travels to the Japanese coast to find once bustling towns still reduced to their skeletal remains, and tracks a 2000-mile long trail of debris on its way across the ocean to Canada's western shores, posing risks that we aren't prepared for. the fifth estate tells the amazing story of the journey of a once prized possession swept away by the tsunami, and how one beachcombing couple on a remote island off British Columbia reunite the lost fishing boat with its Japanese owner. Kelley takes us to the Japanese fishing port where that small boat began its long journey to Canada, and unravels the story of the boat, its owner, and the fate of that town in the wake of one of the world's worst natural disasters.